Friday, December 17, 2010

Lego Christmas Tree

I had to go to Legoland yesterday.  Not for fun, for shopping.  I was hoping that Legoland, being Legoland, would have the biggest selection of Legos.  Not so much. I paid $12 to park.  I waited in the Customer Service line to get a 1 cent shopper's pass for one hour.  (They let you shop in the park for one hour without paying admission or parking...but you have to spend at least $20 in the gift shop.)  I searched the stores in the park but they did not carry the Lego City Airport Kit I was looking for.  So, back in the customer service line I go to let them know I couldn't spend $20 and to request that I still get my parking refunded.  Too bad that don't have a phone number to the actual stores in the park, I could have called and saved myself a trip.  But!  It wasn't a total loss,  I did snap a picture of the Lego Christmas Tree.

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