Friday, October 29, 2010

Morning Workout

A few years ago when the economy started to change, personal trainers who used to charge high hourly rates to their wealthy clients had to get creative about attracting new business as real housewives throughout California had to adjust their spending habits.  Now there are mini "bootcamps" all over the beaches and parks in the mornings.  They charge around $10-20 per person for a group session.  The bigger the group, the lower the price.  It has become so popular that some of the cities around here want in.  I read about a new tax the local governments want to implement.  The law, if passed, will require the personal trainers to purchase a permit if they are going to exercise with people in public places.  


  1. Cool, you still have housewife's in California!

  2. I can see its tough being a housewife in CA. We have similar daily bootcamps here in Yorkshire they are mostly run by former marines or army people. I should catch up with them for my new Leeds daily photo.